Yours to keep, to thank you for trying VBX:  Quick reference guides

License and right to sublicense:  VBX

For Excel  2011  and 2004;   2013,  2010,  2007,  2003,  and 2000.    Not compatible with Excel 2008 (for Mac).


Download Steps

  1. Click the Download button.
  2. In your Downloads folder, if the downloaded file is Zipped, then just double click it to UnZip. 
  3. Move the two books ("MS Framework.xls" and "MS CodeExtension.xls") to the Excel Startup folder.  (The location varies between Excel versions.*)
  4. Start Excel. 

*  In Mac, just drag the books to the 2004 or 2011 alias.    In Windows:

  • The default Excel Startup folder is typically like C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office__\XLSTART, with the __ filled in by the version number.  For example, 2003 is version 11,  2007 is version 12,  2010 is version 14,  and 2013 is version 15. 
  • Or find any Startup location in the Excel Options Trust Center [Settings] Trusted Locations.  (Note that, to then go to a hidden folder in Explorer, its full path can be typed into the path field.)
  • Also, the VBA Object model must be allowed, through the Trust Center [Settings] Macro Settings.