Excel’s simplest workflows made available to more tasks.  No need to learn a bunch of Excel tricks.  Another gear for efficiency and productivity.  For example, actions on multi-part selections, on multiple sheets: ExcelEase enables the workflow that makes sense — a one-click completion.

A simple interface built on how you actually work and your current conditions, not just a piling on of options.  No complex forms, no long lists of parameters, no need to learn all of those things.

ExcelEase also has more Microsoft® Word behavior, like highlighting found text, changing letter case, text-only copying, and effectively in-cell tabbing.

Also, you can assign a key-combination shortcut to any ExcelEase action.  And you can undo/redo any ExcelEase action.



    + Selection
    + Copy & Paste
    + Contents
    + Merge/Unmerge
    + Sort
    + Sheet Properties
    + Sheets
    + Environment
    + Advanced