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For Excel users (and developers):   A quick reference on lesser-known characteristics of Excel, to avoid wasted time, and to facilitate functionality that you might think is impractical or impossible.  Plus a listing of three simple code structures that make Macro recording more powerful.

For Excel developers:   Two quick references with hundreds of hard-to-find details about developing with Excel and with VBA in general.  These include extensive characteristics of ranges and addresses, efficient control of event streams, and behaviors and requirements of undo/redo.

Sheet Function

FLEXREF (a.k.a. EZLOOKUP):   An easy and flexible reference to a cell, allowing the column to be specified directly, and then the row to be specified based on a lookup in any other column.  Further, it allows up to 3 lookups in combination and serial return of multiple matches.  Also, no match returns an empty string, not an error.

ExcelEase        Details »

Excel’s simplest workflows made available to more tasks.  No need to learn a bunch of Excel tricks.  Another gear for efficiency and productivity.  This includes actions on multi-part selections, on multiple sheets; while regular Excel requires the action to be repeated, several times, ExcelEase enables a one-click completion.

VBX        Details »

An APInot just a set of code samples.  Task-oriented units with integrated setup and error handling.  Simpler and more-consistent syntax than VBA.  Also, a set of tools to optimize the development environment.  And the Magnafy Framework for transactional execution.  Plus utilities for automated code management.


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